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Specialists in new and used Hornby OO Model Trains

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Here at chuFFers.com you’ll find the very best of used and new Hornby OO Gauge Electric Model Trains and their associated accessories. We can supply all your Hornby needs from the full, current Hornby range; Hornby Live Steam, Hornby DCC Digital, Hornby Train Sets, Hornby Train Packs, Hornby Steam Locomotives, Hornby Diesel & Electirc Locomotives. We can also supply rolling stock; Hornby Coaches and  Hornby Wagons. If it’s accessories you require, we have extensive supply of Hornby Track, Hornby Lineside, Hornby People, Hornby Skaledale, Hornby SkaleAutos, Hornby Scenics and Hornby Controllers. We also supply the newly revised Hornby Thomas the Tank Engine range. If it’s out-of-production items; we have an ever-changing range of Quality Used Hornby items. And finally, don’t forget to visit our Hornby Special Offers, Hornby Dublo Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway, Oxford Cars, Bassett Lowke O Gauge and and newly launched NincoAir Helicopters.

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R2805XS LNER Class A4 Herring Gull  DCC Sound

LNER Class A4
‘Herring Gull’ with DCC Sound

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Who are we? - Well... it’s mainly me, but my wife is starting to take an interest. I have been interested in trains from a very young age and my father was a Railway man for forty years... so it’s in the  blood! My interest in the Hornby range started as a child and has recently been rekindled on the arrival of two sons! As they are both still very young, it is too early to introduce them to model railways, so, I decided to gather items for the future, by building a collection of Hornby items. Once the boys are older, a grand build will begin!


Mallard Live Steam Set  - R1041


East Coast Pullman DCC Train Set - R1097

Hornby Q1 Locos

Bachmann Ltd Ed

Master Cutler

Special Offers

The Royal Train’

Queen of Scots

Cheltenham Flyer

Limited TrainSets

Evening Star Set

...The Journey has just begun and the rolling stock is always changing. So please call again soon...

...any questions, I’ll be happy to help. E-mail me now.

What we do - We buy and sell quality used Hornby items and can supply brand new items from the current Hornby range. The quality used collection are items I’m gathering for the future build. They will always be available for purchase. I can also supply all current Hornby stock, brand new. This came about as I wanted items from the current range. I now have an account with one of the UKs leading toy distributors and can supply these items via the internet, to others. You will see that the prices for new Hornby items are extremely competitive. The reason being that I’m not in it for the profit, just as a means to be able to get access to the very latest Hornby items and it has meant that I can offer this service to others.

‘Windsor Lad’
BR Class A3

SR Class M7
DCC fitted


Where are we? - I live in a small village called Colden Common, just south of Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom. In reality, I’m Internet based, and will handling all correspondance via e-mail, from home, in the evening.

....welcome to chuFFers.com, enjoy the trip!

Greg Cassar


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